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The Maunesha River Rats are seeking host families who will welcome players/coaches/interns into their homes for the 2023 season

(June 1 – August 7). The host family program is a vital part to every team in the Dairyland Collegiate League, both on and off the field. Host families house, feed(optional) and provide the player/coach/intern with support, ultimately making the experience special and rewarding for all involved.

Hosting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all those willing to open their homes to River Rat players. Many families who host, usually look back at their experience with fond memories as the experience tends to be just as or even more rewarding for the host family than the player. Many lifelong friendships between families are forged through this process while most families remain in touch with their players as they move through the next levels of collegiate, professional baseball, and beyond. 


Host Family Details:

• Provide a home, access to laundry and a bedroom for the player(s) during the season. (players will have cars or carpools arranged prior)

• Children? You will have a role model for young kids!

• You will make a positive impact on the future of a young man.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Host Family Program, please fill out the form below:


Contact Charles Davis at with any questions.



1. Does the player require his own bedroom? Yes, host families must offer the player(s) a spare room. However, players may share a room with one another if there are multiple beds.

2. Will I have to provide meals for the player? You are not obligated to provide meals. However, you are more then welcomed to. 

3. Will I have to provide transportation for the player? No. Most players will have their own car, but others may need a ride to the ballpark. The team will assist in setting up carpools, if needed.

4. What kind of schedule will the player have? The players will be busy with a 34 game schedule & strength/conditioning. They often get home late at night and sleep in, so your schedules might not match. However, establishing guidelines with your player will help the summer go smoothly.

5. Will I host the same player all summer? The roster may change throughout the summer due to injuries, summer school, and fatigue. Players may go home and others may take their place. We are grateful for our host families’ flexibility as players come and go.

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